Is your sports team looking to enhance their performance?

Then look no further. We are offering a High Performance Training Program where your team will get ready for the demands of their sport. Whether it is before, during or after your season, our trainers can help.

Athleticism is the foundation of all sports specific training. We offer sports specific training for emerging, college, elite, and recreational level athletes. A sports performance assessment is just the beginning of your sports performance experience. All dryland sport conditioning programs for emerging and elite athletes are tailored to meet the energetics and movement demands specific to each athlete’s needs and injury history. We commit to taking your performance to the next level.

The High Performance Training Program includes:

  • Sport specific fitness assessments at the beginning and end of the program
  • Injury prevention education
Youth & Elite Sports Performance Training Youth (ages 18 & under)
60 minute session rates:
Minimum of 5 athletes
$10.00 per athlete*
3-4 athletes $17.00 per athlete*
2 athletes $25.00 per athlete*

Sports Team Dryland Training 60 minute sessions available for $100.00 (max. 18 athletes), which include space and Sports Conditioning Coach.* To book your sports team, please contact the Fitness Coordinator at 902.490.2249.

*Prices do not include tax


Athlete Review:

“My personal experience with Malachi Fralick started three years ago. Having played competitive hockey and lacrosse my whole life, I understood that if I wanted to take my game to the next level, I had to make dryland training a part of my routine.  I became involved in Malachi’s 2013-2014 High Performance Program at “Total Hockey Training.” Which was designed to combine strength and conditioning for my two sports.  It was that first summer I learned the importance of sport specific strength and speed conditioning. We worked on improving strength through different exercises such as: squats, deadlifts, chip-ups, pullups and pulls. We worked on interval training which included battle ropes, slider boards, and sled training. Over these last three years I have seen results that most athletes could only hope for.  My recent success at the Canadian U17 Team Canada Lacrosse tryouts is positive proof of the payoff that can be achieved through the personal training. The strength, endurance, and confidence that Malachi provided has been a major contributor to my athletic development. Malachi is 100% committed to getting my improvements and he does the best he can to motivate me to achieve superior results.” -Alex Pace