With Aquafit, you’ll have the added benefits of the water’s resistance and extra support for your muscles and joints while working out. Whether you are just starting out or looking to add some variety to your exercise routine, we have a class for you. All of our Aquafit classes are included in your membership or day pass and are listed on our Aquatics and Fitness schedules online (printed copies of the schedules are also available at the Customer Service Desk).

Aquafit Class Descriptions

Shallow Aquafit

An aerobic workout in shallow water. Challenge your cardiovascular system and build muscle tone to improve overall fitness.

Deep Aquafit

An aerobic workout in deep water. Challenge your cardiovascular system and build muscle tone to improve overall fitness.

Cardio Core Aquafit

A high level aerobic workout in shallow water. Challenge your cardiovascular system and build muscle tone to improve overall fitness.

Combo Aquafit

A moderate to high level aerobic workout conducted in both shallow and deep water. Challenge your cardiovascular system and core with travelling, build muscle and tone during the strength section to improve your overall fitness. Flotation belts must be worn for proper safety and body position during this class.

Gentle Aquafit

This class is an ideal activity for relieving stiffness and arthritis pain using warm water exercise. It will help to improve your posture, balance, strength, endurance, flexibility, and improve joint movement leading to a healthier lifestyle.


A unique stationary bike class where you pedal while immersed up to your waist in the water. Bikes are adjustable to allow for a wide variety of users. Please note sign-up and water shoes are required.

Hydrorider Sign-in Policy

  1. Participants must sign-up in order to participate in the class.
  2. Sign-up commences 90 minutes before the class starts and must be done in-person.
  3. No sign-ups will be taken over the phone.
  4. Each person must sign themselves up and cannot sign another person in.
  5. Once signed in, participants will be given a hydrorider card to be turned in to the instructor at the beginning of the class in order to participate.
  6. The class will be restricted to participants 12 years or older.
  7. Don’t forget your water shoes! They are required for this class.

A Little More About Our Aquatics/Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes

All drop-in classes are free to members or covered by your day pass fees. We encourage participants to arrive early for classes (especially yoga classes). Cards are available for Yoga & Spin, classes 15 minutes prior to class start time at the Fitness Centre Desk. Hydrorider sign-in sheet available at the Customer Service Desk.

Age Requirements

Youth ages 12 years of age or older may attend group fitness classes.

Child Minding services are available for ages 2 months to 12 years. NEW! As of July 2nd, 2018, Child Minding services will be included in all annual memberships. This means that kids ages 2 months to 12 years old within the same household as an active annual member can play in Child Minding without paying an extra fee. We are also moving to a pre-booking system for all children, which includes an online booking option. Youth ages 8-11 years may use other parts of the facility while you’re in class, so long as you are 18+ years and remain in the building.

Please note children 7 & under may not use the pool on their own and must stay within arm’s reach of a parent or guardian (18+ yrs) throughout the facility.

Class Cancellations

We try our best not to cancel classes; however if we need to, you will find the information on our website (in a red alert bar at the top of the screen and on the individual schedule pages), on Facebook, on Twitter, near the entrance doors, and on the notice boards within the Centre at least one hour in advance.

Please note: On holidays, we offer a reduced number of classes and will post these changes in advance on our website and fitness notice boards within the facility.